Riversdale is a Members Only facility.   Therefore, the Club can
  only  be hired by a member of the MPS & SA.     The member   who books a function at Riversdale must also be present for the   duration of the event.   

 There is no separate function room at Riversdale, so any member   who books the Club must accept that other members (who have   not been specifically invited to the function) will still have access
  to the bar area.   In reality, the members who are not attending the   function will generally congregate in a small lounge area to the   side of the main bar, so they tend not to interfere with the function.   The maximum capacity for functions held at Riversdale is 80   guests.

 There is no room hire fee for functions held at Riversdale.    The   only fees involved will be for catering requirements or DJ.   Our   resident DJ costs £150.    For our catering fees, please refer to   our menus which can be found on this web site.   Remember, our   menus are meant to act as suggestions for the style of buffet or   meal required.   Additions or alterations to the set menus can be   made to suite your personal requirements – please ask to make   an appointment so that you can discuss them with our Catering   Manager.

  The bar at Riversdale will usually close at midnight for all private   functions and the Club premises must be cleared of all guests by   1am.   


Please contact our Duty Manager at Riversdale
 0151 427 2208 (after 3pm)
Alternatively, contact us by e.mail on: merseysidepoliceclub@hotmail.com

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