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The weekend 7th / 8th September the “A” & “B” Netball Teams  travelled to Essex  for the annual PSUK tournament.
The first team were drawn against our hardest competitors and had to play both GMP A and Northumbria A in the qualifying rounds. All 5 games were won and we were then in the GOLD category for Sunday. The second team played the best netball they have ever played and came second in their group and they too qualified for the GOLD category…..this is a massive improvement as they qualified for Bronze last year which they won so they have jumped up approximately 12 places.
Both teams ended up in the same group and had to play eachother first thing Sunday Morning. Other teams in our group were West Mercia A (winners in 2011), Kent, Cheshire and Northumbria A (current PSUK Knockout winners).
The first team won all their games to reach the final and were to play GMP A….which is exactly the same as last years final. It was an exciting match with end to end action and Merseyside Police came out winners, beating them 11-10 (which strangely is the same score as last year however GMP won)
The second team made a massive improvement and overall came 7th out of 34 teams.
Overall this was an extremely successful weekend for both teams and I am so proud to say that we are once again PSUK Netball champions for the third time in 5 years. I would personnaly like to thank MPSSA and the chief officers for their continued support.