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a.          In an Inter-District/Area knock-out competition, a member who has represented his/her District/ Area in an earlier round of the competition and is transferred to another District/Area before the competition is completed, shall be eligible to play for his/her new District/Area, proving the District/Area which he/she previously represented has not been eliminated from the competition prior to his/her transfer.

b.          A member  temporarily transferred to another District /Area , shall have one personal choice and must decide which of the two District/Areas he/she shall represent during the period of attachment.

c.          A member of a Department, which is to small to enter a team, may be allowed to play for the District/Area in which he/she last served, subject  to the approval of the general management Committee.

d.          Any member of the Association posted to a District/Area but working in another, may be regarded, for sports and social purposes, as a member of the club of the territorial District/Area in which he/she is working. The Secretary  of the new District/Area should be given notice of acceptance of the membership to the Honorary Secretary of the Association and indicate that  the actual District/Area Secretary of the member concerned has also been notified and is in agreement to such a request.

e.         Not with standing the forgoing, Combined Operations Divisions personnel and Headquarters personnel shall only represent Combined Operations and headquarters respectively. .

35.       TROPHIES

a.         The trophies of the Association shall be held for one year, unless otherwise specified.

b.          All trophies, whether won by a member or members, or a retired Police Officer or Officers shall be kept either on Association premise or in the display cabinets at Force Headquarters.

c.          The Association  shall be responsible for the cleaning and engraving of all trophies.

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