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a.         Each District/Area may form its own Sports and Social Club.

b.         Each District/Area Club will be responsible  for its own management but will be affiliated to and will conform to the general sporting policy of the Association.

c.         The management of each District/Area Club shall be vested in locally, who shall be responsible for the re-election of a committee which shall meet at least bi-monthly.

d.         District/Area Clubs shall be responsible for the purchase of their own equipment and property, plus their maintenance.

e.         The ownership  of all equipment and property is vested in the District/Area concerned.  


The Portrait Gallery of the Association exists to commemorate  individual and team sporting achievements at the highest level, as approved by the General management Committee.


a.         Misbehaviour or inattention on the part of any servant of the Association , shall in no way be made a matter of personal reprimand by an individual member.

b.         All complaints, of whatever kind, must be addressed to the Honorary Secretary and signed by the member making the complaint, with a copy to the General Manager.

c.          The Honorary Secretary of the Association shall be empowered to ensure that all complaints are dealt with, in accordance with current employment legislation.


a.         In the event of the dissolution of the Association the funds and property of the Association remaining will be devoted to other organisations whose objectives are  similar to those of the Association, or for any purpose approved by the Commissioner of Customs and Excise, as decided by a Specials General meeting.

b.         A majority of not less then 75% of the full voting membership of the Association shall be necessary before dissolution can take place. The decision will  be made by a ballot of all Full members, prior to such a meeting taking place.
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