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40.       RULES

a.         Any questions which may arise or any matter for which provision is not made in these Rules, shall  be dealt with by the General management Committee of the Association, or by a Special General meeting to be call for that purpose.

b.         Any proposed rule change should be presented to the General management Committee for consideration and approval.  I approved, the  proposed rule change will be dealt with at a Special general meting called  for that purpose, or at the Annual general meeting.

c.         No new rules shall be made, nor shall any of the rules be altered in any form whatsoever, nor shall any rules be rescinded, other than at  the Annual General Meeting of the Association, or at a Special General meeting called for that purpose.

d.         No rejected rule change proposed shall be  reconsidered until after the 24th month anniversary of the original proposal.

e.         Any proposal to alter a rule shall be advertised in “ Merseybeat”, at all Association premises plus  Police Stations and by any other appropriate means., at least 14 days prior to the meeting at which the proposal is to be considered .

f.          The term “Rule” includes any regulation or order of the Association.
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12. Officer of the Association
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