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a.         A member may resign his/her membership at any time by letter addressed to the Honorary Secretary.

b.         A member resigning shall be liable to pay his/her subscription for four weeks from the date his/her letter of resignation is received.


a.         Whenever a member  ceases to be eligible to become or continue as a member, he/she may make am application to retain his/her membership of the Association.

b.         Each such application shall be  considered by the General Management Committee, which shall have absolute discretion to determine the matter.

c.          If such an application is not made, the membership will lapse from the date the eligibility ceased.

24.       FINANCES

a.         The financial year of the Association and all associated sections shall be 1st  April to 31st March.

b.         The Association’s bankers shall be determined by the General Management  Committee, after any recommendation made by the Executive Committee.

a.  Cheque's drawn against the General Account shall be valid only if signed by two of the following.

The Treasurer
The Honorary Secretary
The General Manager

            This rule will be adhered to with full authorisation of the Treasurer and the Association’s   


a.         A sum of Full, Associate and Section members will be determined  by the General Management Committee and will subject to an annual percentage increase in line with an average of the annual  salary increase awarded to members on the payroll of the Merseyside police Authority.

b.          An agreed proportion of the subscription paid by a Full member, will be paid to the District/Area General Purpose Fund to which that member belongs.

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