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c.          Applications for the payment of these funds must be made to the Treasurer of the Association by the  General Purpose Fund Treasurer concerned. Such  funds will be pad at the end  of each financial quarter of the Association.

d.         All VAT on membership subscriptions will be paid by the Association.

e.         Associate and Section members not on the payroll of the Merseyside police Authority, shall pay a full year’s subscription in advance. This subscription shall be renewable on the 1st April each year, at a level set by the General Management Committee.

f.          When a member is seconded to another Force or specialist department and is not retained on the Merseyside Police Payroll, he/she shall retain his/her membership during the period of secondment, as a non-subscribing member.

g.         Honorary members of the Association, who participate on sporting or recreational activities, may be required to pay a subscription to the appropriate Section at the discretion and at a level to be decided by the Section Committee. An additional subscription shall be paid to the Association, at the same level as Section members.

26.        AUDIT

a.         The accounts books of the Association, shall be audited annually by the Chartered Accountant or Incorporate Accountant appointed by the General management Committee.

b.          A report of the Annual Audit shall be issued to the members of the Association at the Annual  General Meeting, by the Treasurer.


The recommendation  of the general management Committee regarding the level of payment of Fixed Expenses, will be reported to the annual General meeting of the Association.

28.        INDEMNITY

All monies and property of the Association shall be vested  in the general management Committee for the time being, who are hereby indemnified by the Association against any claim or demand in respect of any liability properly incurred on behalf of the Association.  

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