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The General Management Committee delegates to the general manage, or his/her representative, full authority for the maintenance of good order and discipline in the absence of a member of the General management Committee.


a.         No person shall be a voting member of any Section of the Association unless he/she is a Full Member of the Association, or is approved by the General Management Committee

b.         The members of each Section shall elect their own officers at a meeting especially called for the purpose and they shall have the power to levy their own subscriptions. All such elections must be notified to the Honorary Secretary of the Association.

c.         Entry fees to team and individual competitions shall be levied at the discretion of the Section Committee concerned.

d.         Each Section Secretary shall forward to the Honorary Secretary of the Association, prior notification of any meeting, together with an agenda and the minutes to their previous meeting.

e.         Each Section Committee, where applicable, shall organise a programme of fixtures with other Forces and Inter-District/Area fixtures and competitions and it shall be their prime duty to complete these fixtures before any other, to equip themselves properly, to fulfil these fixtures adequately and to  comply with the rules of the competition.

f.          The Secretary of each Section shall furnish a report concerning the membership and activities of the Section, to reach the Honorary Secretary of the Association not later then the 30th April each year.  A full list of Section participants, in all categories of Association membership, must accompany this report.

g.         At the end of each financial year ( 31st March), the Treasurer of the Section shall present to the Treasurer of the Association, an Income and Expenditure Account in respect of the Section’s finances. The Section Treasurer shall, on request, present all account books and financial statements relating to the Section, for inspection by the Association’s treasurer and/or the Association’s Auditors.  

h.         The Treasurer of a Section shall estimates for financial support from the Association for the forthcoming year, no later than 30th April of each year.

j.          Each Section Committee should send a representative to the Association’s Annual General Meeting, to be available to answer questions relating to their particular Section.

k.         No financial assistance shall be given by the Association, unless Rules 33f, g, h and j, (above) have been complied with.

i.          Membership of all Sections shall be open to all categories of Association members, proving Section rules permit.
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