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a.         Chairman – in the absence of the Chairman, deputy Chairman and Vice
Chairman, the first business of any General Management Committee meeting shall be the election of a substitute Chairman.

b.         Agenda – matters for the Agenda for each ordinary meeting of the Committee must be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary, in writing, to reach him/her no later than the Friday preceding the scheduled meeting.

c.          Items  to be considered – no matters, other than those contained on the  Agenda shell be considered at any Committee meeting without the  permission of the Chairman

d.         Amendments – all amendments must be seconded.

e.         General conduct of the Meeting – shall be at the Chairman’s discretion.

f.          Improper conduct – any member of the Committee being guilty, in the opinion of the Committee , of improper conduct, may be suspended from the  meeting or until such time as his/her conduct is considered by a Special general Meeting convened for that purpose.

g.         Voting – only elected representatives and the Chairman will allowed to vote, including elected Officers of the Association. The Chairman shall have the casting vote, in the event of any dispute. The General manager will not be able to vote.

h.         Two members of each branch of recreation practised by the Association, shall be eligible to attend and general Management Committee Meeting. They shall be invited to speak on the particular  branch of recreation  they represent, but unless they are members of the General Committee, they shall not be allowed to vote. They shall be asked to leave the Meeting after they presented their proposals., to enable the Committee to decide on their request. They shall then return to receive the Committee’s  decision before leaving the Meeting after the subject matter has been finalised.

j.          A Special meeting of the general Management Committee shall be call by the Honorary Secretary, on receipt by him/her of a requisition signed by at lease four members of the General management Committee, setting forth the object for which a meeting is called. At such a meeting , no other business that the set forth in the requisition, shall be considered.

19        MEMBERSHIP

                     The following persons are eligible to become members of the Association and  continue a such, subject
                     to the approval of the General Management Committee,. Any person who is eligible to become a Full or                       Associate Members of the association and does not exercise his/her option to do so, will not, under                            any pretext whatsoever, be able to use any of the Association’s facilities.

                    (iv)       The conduct of the Section member shall become and remain the responsibility of the Full                                          member who originally proposed him/her.

                    (v)        Section Members shall receive no subsidised transport, equipment or expenses.

                   (vi)        Section members will be required to pay the annual membership subscription, as determined in                                  Rule 25.e.
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