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Association Rules

a.         The General Management Committee shall consist of elected representatives of
           the members, as follows ;
1 representative serving within each Area of a District (15)
3 representatives serving within Headquarters departments (3)
4 representatives serving within Combined Operations Division (4)
2 representatives serving within Mather Avenue (2)
6 representatives of Retired Police Officers (6)
2 representatives of the Superintendents Association (2)
Total 32

b.         Each representative will be proposed and seconded by a member of the Association from
           his/her own category concerned. All nominations must be forwarded to the Honorary
           Secretary, no later than 7 days prior to the annual General meeting.

c.         If the  number of  nominations in any category exceeds the number allowed for,
an election will be held within the Area/Group concerned.

d.         The members of each Area/Group shall elect their representatives at the area or Group
           stations within 21 days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Association on a day(s) and at an
           hour(s) to be arranged by the Area Commander.

e.         The Honorary Secretary shall assist the Area/Group Commander and act as a Returning

f.          Where a vacancy exists for a nomination and no nomination is received to fill this
vacancy, applications will be invited to fill the vacancy from other Areas of the District or Groups and the elected nominee will serve as a member of the general management Committee until the next period, when the vacancy will revert to the original Area/Group.

g.          In the event of a temporary or permanent vacancy arising in any Area/Group during the year,
            the General management Committee shall, within one calendar month, arrange for the filling
            of the vacancy in accordance with the above.

h.         A representative who is transferred from one Area/Group to another, shall cease to represent
           the members of the Area/Group by who he/she was elected.

j.          In the event of more than the required number of retired Police Officers representatives  
           being nominated, a vote concerning only Retired Police will take place at the annual General

k.         The vote will be by written ballot in the presence of the Chairman.

l.          Members of the general Managements Committee shall serve for a period of 2 Years.           

m.        Retiring members of the General Management Committee will be entitled to be  considered
           for re-election