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Association Rules

a.         The General management Committee shall meet, wherever possible, during the fist week of March, June, September and December, or if convenient, a date most suitable nearest to that date.

b.         The Executive, Lottery and Wine Committee shall meet in conjunction with the General management Committee and on any occasion that those Committee members consider necessary.


a.         The Annual General meeting shall be held at the end of the financial year, on a date to be agreed by the General Management Committee.

b.         Not more than 15 months shall elapse without an Annual General meeting.

c.         Voting at the Annual General meeting will be confined to Full Members of the association.                                                                                                                                                                               17.       SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING

a.         A Special General meeting may be called by the President to dicuss the following circumstances ;

(i)         To consider and determine any changes to the Rules of the Association, where it is felt inappropriate to wait fore the annual general meeting.

(ii)        Any situation or circumstances considered by the President, general management Committee or Honorary Secretary to be detrimental to the future of the Association.

b.         A Special General meting will be called by the President at the request of the General management Committee, or upon receipt of a requisition signed by a least 24 full Members of the Association, setting forth the object for which such a meeting is desired.

b.         The President shall arrange for such a meeting to be called within 21 days from receipt of the requisition.

c.         Notice of the calling of the Special General Meeting shall be advertised in “Merseybeat”, at the Association premises plus Police Stations and by other appropriate means, at least 14 days before the proposed date and shall include details of the subject matter for which the meeting is called.

d.         At the Special General Meeting , no other business than that set forth shall be considered.

e.         Voting at the Special General meeting; no other business than that set forth shall be voted upon.

f.          The general conduct of the Special General meeting shall be at the Chairman’s discretion