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a.         All members shall be elected by the General management Committee of the Association. Persons eligible for membership shall be nominated and seconded by Full members of the Association.

b.         With the exception of Full members, particulars of each nomination shall be circulated to each member of the General Management Committee and one month shall elapsed from the date of circulation before any election to membership is made.

c.          The names and address of the candidates for membership shall be displayed on the notice board at the Association’s premises for at lest two days before the candidate is due for election.

d.         The general management Committee has full power to refuse the election of any person without giving a reason for such refusal.

e.          A list of members in each category will be kept on the Association's premises at    Fairfield.


a.         Any member may  be refused  admission to an Association premises until he/she produces proof of membership or is vouched for by a Full Member present.

b.         If any complaint is received by the General management Committee concerning the conduct of any member of the Association, the member shall be given the opportunity to appear before the General Management Committee to answer the complaint.

c.          If, after the hearing, the General Management Committee is satisfied that the member is guilty of misconduct, which is prejudicial to the interests of the Association, the Committee has the power to expel such a member from taking part in any specific benefits of the Association for such a period as it  considers fit.

d.         The Honorary  Secretary is empowered to suspend any member from taking part in any specific benefits of the Association, as he/she see fit. Such suspensions must be ratified by the Executive Committee at the earliest opportunity.
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